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Yesterday 1:11PM

Ugh, follow up complaining about how terrible Kinja is and how I meant that comment for a different post.

Yesterday 1:10PM

Incredibly confusing off-top comment.

Yesterday 1:00PM

Comment claiming no one cares about article topic yet chose to comment anyway.

Yesterday 12:13PM

This is, like, the 100th article about Video Game this week. Your fanboyism is showing. How about some positive coverage of This Video Game or That Video Game for once?

Yesterday 11:55AM

Unironic offer of a hug to John and all the Kotaku staff. You’re all better than this corporate nightmare of an industry will allow you to be and I want you to know that you’re appreciated.

Yesterday 11:27AM

Comment pointing out that private companies have the right to do whatever they want because they need to increase profits, and if you don’t get that, you’re a moron who doesn’t understand how the world works.

Yesterday 11:15AM

Self-reply to emphasize a point that no one cares about and will scroll past regardless. 

Yesterday 11:02AM

Unrelated comment that should have been a new thread but isn’t.

Yesterday 10:48AM

Comment offering very legitimate career opportunity making $7,000 a month working from home, possibly doing video game blogs.

Yesterday 10:43AM

Reply making fun of you for sharing your feelings, while unintentionally sharing my own, on deck to be flamed by others coming to your aid. 

Yesterday 10:40AM

Gif used to express feeling that took longer to find than typing my thoughts... thoughtfully. 

Yesterday 10:38AM

Comment posted too quickly for me to have read article in entirety. Condescending sentence calling out author for not including piece of information clearly detailed in paragraph 4 of the story. Follow-up referencing tangential or entirely unrelated fact betraying a shallow understanding of the topic based on half a Read more

Yesterday 10:38AM

Reply that tells you you’re an idiot without actually saying it, and at the same time spouts off information as fact that is really just my unfounded opinion.

Yesterday 10:35AM

Comment reply that disagrees with the original comment due to a misreading of a clause in the original comment, but angrily so.

Yesterday 10:34AM

Comment that contradicts author’s post but in a passive-aggressive way to seem edgy, but really I’m just fishing for upvotes and hoping people will respond so I can call them out and spit vitriol at them.

Tuesday 9:44AM

Just started playing on ps5 this weekend. I got about 5 hours in and thought “this isn’t glitchy at all!” Then suddenly two incoming calls start at the same time while the NPC I’m talking to starts moving around but their hair remains in the same place. I think I jinxed myself.

6/11/21 1:40PM

It was Target branded, but there was a red GBA.

6/11/21 12:58PM

Coincidentally, I ordered a cheap GBA this week for a hit of nostalgia and it’s been really surprising to revisit one of my favorite consoles after over a decade (I went with the OG horizontal one, I like that layout better). I remember it being a little dim, but my god, the screen is awful - even sitting under a lamp Read more