John Walker
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6/09/21 11:33AM

I very clearly explained what I could only see as a willing and deliberate misinterpretation of their words. They wanted to ensure the games on display were representative and inclusive. Of course all the games would be “wholesome” - that would be the point. Read more

6/08/21 10:20AM

Absolutely! Like I said a bunch, I had a tremendous time playing this. But, you know, it’s still a bit odd.

6/08/21 8:48AM

I’m most excited that you so accurately recreated 1980s BBC News presenter Moira Stewart.

6/01/21 7:11AM

You know, when you respond to a site doing something you like by yelling at it for the things you don’t like, you... well, you don’t come off well.

5/31/21 3:14PM

I typed it out, liked it a LOT, and then deleted it because I thought people would assume it’s a typo : (

5/13/21 3:57AM

There is no torture. You can choose to play in a more cruel way if you have the willpower. Or you can avoid any such behaviour.

4/20/21 3:27PM

The idea that a free mod should have to pay someone for not doing anything seems utterly obnoxious to me. Read more

4/20/21 3:20PM

What ghastly greedy behaviour from all those people wanting to be paid for doing nothing whatsoever. 

4/20/21 3:17PM

Heaven forfend that someone use something infinitely duplicable without someone’s permission! Goodness me, then where would we be? Read more

4/20/21 11:41AM

No, I have no desire to see a person receive a pile-on for being wrong on the internet. God knows I’ve been on the receiving end of such things, and it benefits no one.

4/20/21 11:36AM

But I say the exact opposite. I say it’s great when the artists who create these mods have the ability to get paid. And I think it’s wonderful when all artists get paid for their endeavours. I’ve never suggested otherwise. It’d just be nice if they could pass on the same freedoms they benefited from to the others, Read more

3/31/21 10:36AM

If you can rationally argue how selling for six months with induced FOMO spikes can unquestionably outsell a product’s lifetime sales, including those induced by price-cuts, then sure, I could see your point. But their thinking something this extraordinarily unlikely seems reasonably perceived as reasonless.

3/31/21 10:34AM

But as I’ve tried to argue here, there’s really no solid reason it’s to their advantage either. Sure, they get sales spikes they’d otherwise not see, but it’s sheer madness that they’d think these would out-do lifetime sales if they left it there.