Nick Denton
8/10/16 4:36PM

Today feels a lot more like the Bridge books than the Sprawl books. Rydell’s wouldn’t even notice a politicians like Trump!

8/10/16 4:31PM

I was sophisticated enough to know that I wasn’t being prescient, at all, but rather was recognizing, around me, early arrivals from whatever the real future might be. The distinction is crucial to being able to do the work, for me.

8/10/16 4:20PM

“Intrigued” isn’t the word. “Creeped the fuck out by” would the correct term of art.

6/24/16 9:59AM

Not a chance for me; I’m okay with Clinton, she’s infinitely preferable to Trump, and I realize that neither Stein nor Johnson have a chance of winning (and I don’t know enough about Johnson to know if I find him preferable to Clinton). However, I do the the sense that some of Sanders’ supporters are refusing to vote Read more

12/23/15 11:25AM

I loved this. I loved ALL of this. I know I’m going to get slammed for kissing your ass Jia, but I don’t care. This is the piece I’ve wanted to read from a Jezebel EIC for a long time. The promotion has changed you for the better.

8/18/15 6:29PM

What, just like “heres a list of women and LGBT people”? What are you talking about dude? People who cheat on spouses: assholes. Women and LGBT people: normal people that did nothing wrong.

8/18/15 6:25PM

If this were a private data dump of women or LGBT, the treatment by gawker media would be 180 degrees different.

8/01/12 10:14PM

It's going to be tough because there's still very much a macho culture in the locker room, but I've noticed it definitely decrease over the years I've played. I think if a gay player were to come out now it wouldn't be a problem for his teammates, but the fans would not treat him kindly (which is a shame). Hopefully Read more