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Jul 15 2019

Yeah came here to say this. What actual censorship looks like, instead of, I dunno, making an internal decision to change card art to show less sideboob.

Jul 3 2019

I don’t know. I think their “these images really weren’t for the game we were making and are not representative of the game we have made.” is a perfectly reasonable response. 

Jun 21 2018

“There is no argument for K-pop more exhaustive than ‘Bad Boy,’”


Jun 19 2018

I say we call it a rebirth. We’ve got a new* writer with a great article in the AVC tradition of “Hey! Here’s something I like. Maybe you’ll like it too!” Read more

Mar 16 2018

As a dedicated “casual” player of the game, what bothers me about this issue is the presumption that Hearthstone HAS to be a pure “skill-oriented” digital CCG. There’s definitely an amount of RNG that’s “unfun”, but if you’re the type of player that wants the objectively best player to win every game, there are other Read more

Mar 16 2018

Hearthstone is both a game of chance and skill. The skill is understanding and being able to build a better deck and the chance is drawing the right cards at the right time. Of course a game highly dependent on chance is going to have randomness and I see no issues with how it works.

Jan 13 2018

This is the kind of goofy deck that can really only fit into Hearthstone, and one reason why I think the game is great. It’s not Magic: The Gathering in terms of Serious Gameplay, but it doesn’t need to be.

Oct 20 2017

I feel like you’re the one trying to create a controversy where one doesn’t exist, now.

Oct 20 2017

I mean, it exists to such a degree that the guy who did an innocuous hand wave would then go on to publicly apologize and explain his actions. In addition, several other big figures in the scene would also give comment about this, in your mind, inconsequential event.

Kotaku isn’t at fault for reporting on something Read more

Oct 19 2017

Kotaku should make an article about the controversy caused in the comment section by talking about controversy’s in gaming.

Oct 19 2017

So hold on: you’re claiming that this article is an overreaction while dramatically and extensively overreacting yourself? Impressive total lack of self-awareness, my friend.

Oct 19 2017

Good thing this is “Kotaku” and not “Things That Tekton Cares About”.

Oct 19 2017

If a player showing a little bit of personality during a game is something that can start off a controversy, why even bother having people play in person to begin with? Hearthstone’s boring enough to watch as is. Players showing at least a hint of personality or humanity would at least give some reason to watch people Read more

Oct 19 2017

I have a feeling you didn’t read the article, because Joshua was defending the innocuous shit that OTHER people found offensive.