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Jun 20 2018

That’s like saying Kendrick Lamar is aiming to be the next Sugarhill Gang just because he does hiphop, or that Nirvana was aiming to be the next Rolling Stones because they made rock. Just because its ancestry dates back to American pop from the 90s doesn’t mean it’s the same thing, and I think that becomes extremely Read more

May 14 2018

Yeah I actually agree with this assessment too for the most part, I think I just personally value “higher power potential” above individual card power. Relatively speaking, Dr. Boom’s power potential isn’t super high, and I’d say that even cards like Sylvanas might outshine him in that regard. Anyway, props for that Read more

Apr 27 2018

Let it be known that I am maybe the #1 fan of Costco hotdogs and used them here for the sake of imagery.

Mar 16 2018

Dude - literally the first sentence of my conclusion is that “Hearthstone is not the game to watch or play if you want the most skilled player to win every single time.” I addressed the game’s randomness pretty head-on.

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Dec 5 2017

I think I just decided to use the wrong half of the quote. Here’s the other half, which demonstrates more what I was talking about: “We could make things very unintuitive so that every thing you do fails on it’s first try - there’s actual games built around that, but it’s generally better to make things intuitive when Read more

Dec 4 2017

You’re totally right - that card deserved to be nerfed. More than anything, I was citing the nerf to quote Brode’s logic about the importance of intuitive cards.

Oct 19 2017

So in my opinion, the response toward Cocosasa’s behavior was more than a controversy about manners, it was a step toward figuring out the nuances that differentiate live-arena Hearthstone from its online counterpart. Read more

Sep 12 2017

Yeah, the fact that people got actively angry over this was pretty stupid. Sure the game was bad and the mistakes were awful, but there’s a definite virtue in being able to simply laugh about it and move on. Besides, remember Pavel’s misplay vs Lifecoach? You never know, maybe Coachtwisted will redeem himself and Read more

Jun 29 2017

As a Quest Rogue player (sorry everyone), I totally agree with you. That said, I personally think the nerf is 99% a move to prepare for the next expansion, and much less an appeal to the players who think Quest Rogue is crazy OP.

Jun 2 2017

Oh for sure - this is by no means a vindication of the Legend grind. Still an impressive feat imo, mostly when it comes to the short time frame and limited resources. I’d also wager that most newcomers to the game wouldn’t be able to make it to Legend nearly as quickly as Toast did - since you do have to know how to Read more