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Perfect time of year for it. Going to hold a summoning circle this weekend for Dishonored 3. Read more

It’s a big bummer! I was really excited to get payday-pilled.  Read more

Correction 8/16/2023 1:19 p.m. ET: Clarifeid weekly video count described in the fifth paragraph belongs to Linus Media Group as a whole and updated to reflect only one weekly podcast is produced. Read more

I wonder if they will try to change some of the in-game presence, animations, and gestures of the character to fit whatever new performance David brings to the character.

It will definitely be even more jarring if it’s the same exact Zavala but just a completely different voice.  Read more

Time for “Worst TMNT games we still love” Read more

It’ll be a decent $30-$40 pickup, especially with the co-op. Read more

I could have made it grains of sand, but just writing sand better matches the tempo of the Bladerunner quote.

Read more

Hey, not sure if you’ll see this but would love to get in contact with some of them if they’d be up for it! Read more

I keep meaning to catch up on Witcher season 3. Was all in on the show at the end of season 2, but the summer backlog is real:

Whitehouse Plumbers
Lincoln Lawyer
Justified: City Primeval
Secret Invasion
The Bear Read more

This was filed end of day Friday, and after playing 10-15 more hours of Final Fantasy XVI over the weekend I’m more convinced than ever that:

1.) Purely on a vibes basis it’s the most FF-feeling FF since FFIX. There’s just so many old-school callbacks.  Read more

It’s still not nearly as free-form as the earlier games but things do open up more around level 20. Read more

Definitely thought it was a Team Ninja game at first.  Read more

False alarm on the exclusivity. The PlayStation Blog said PS5 and PC only, but Bungie’s website confirmed it will be multiplatform. Read more

Hey Arlo, thank you so much for your work on the series and sharing these insights. Let me know at if you’d be up for a chat sometime.  Read more

It was tough--even the bad games are great! Read more

All great picks! Bravely Second not as good imo, but still deserves a home.

I went with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate because Generations Ultimate is available on Switch.  Read more

I hope there are like 30 Ringer podcasts about this show Read more

Thanks for pointing out that out! I’ve updated our story.  Read more