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Mar 15

Oh wow, good point! I keep forgetting Fenyx came out. My brain has memory holed almost all of December. 

Mar 4

Square Collection Vol. 1 and 2 for Switch that just up-res’s the PS1 RPGs would be great. 

Feb 25

So the slider may be gone, but you can still purchase items to stop enemies from chasing you around the map. This essentially lets you ignore all the enemies in a dungeon, even if it’s a less elegant solution that simply turning the slider down to zero.

At the same time, the dungeons themselves get to be fairly long, Read more

Feb 25

You can definitely break the game, and finding those “aha!” moments are actually necessary for some of the boss battles, I’ve found, rather than just being a fun added bonus.

But a lot of those synergies come really late in the game (like dozens of hours late, in my experience) and so it can be rough going until you’ve Read more

Feb 22

Yea I was somewhat skeptical the first day of Season of the Chosen but between the exotic missions, lost sector grinds, and battlegrounds playlist I’m having a really good time at the moment. I think it’s shaping up to be my favorite season since the rebooted model. 

Feb 17

I would be shocked if this is intentional on anyone’s part, but seeing the reference, and they way that re-contextualizes all of these other bits, has not sit right with me. 

Feb 9

Yea, I got enough shit to worry about in my life without needing to experience the anxiety of running between treasure chests worried I’m about to get hit any moment by a fight I don’t have the items to recover from. 

Feb 8

I legit can’t think of what else would satisfy both the “new place” and “new way” to play conditions. It’s already streaming through xCloud and already on PC/Steam. Maybe it’s coming to Tesla Cybertruck touch screens.

Jan 19

This is very understandable because that sucks. I don’t think I ran into the issue, maybe because my PSN and Uplay accounts are already linked somehow? Read more

Jan 8

Somehow the most shocking thing this week is what a contentious debate this still is! The people have spoken and I am ordering my rechargeable AA batteries right now. 

Jan 7

I never interacted with András personally, but years later still continually discover and am delighted by his old work at Kotaku. Wishing his loved ones the best. 

Jan 6

I’m sorry to hear that but also totally understandable. It’s terrifying to think what further violence will follow by people who now feel even more emboldened. 

Dec 17

Yea, it’s nice they were able to sneak it back in before the end of the year. 

Dec 17

They really need repackage like, half a dozen of these games into two separate anthologies and put them on Switch now.

Dec 17

Thracia 776 is the fifth game in the Fire Emblem series and the final one released on the Super Famicom. Read more

Nov 16

I had just come off 6-8 hours of playing yesterday and then more time this morning and actually just needed to turn my brain off (but wanted to still be accomplishing something--a couple season pass levels and enhancement prisms wasn’t bad for the mindless chill sesh).