Cecilia D'Anastasio
Senior reporter at Kotaku.
Mar 16 2020

Hey Bernie, ever been over to theroot.com? You should check it out sometime.

Dec 6 2019

This does not surprise me at all. I have been working with razer for the past 3 years as one of their distributing partners and they treat all of their business partners like trash. It is either their way or the highway. I have spoken to so many different people from different markets from around the world. And Read more

Dec 5 2019

Cecillia D’Anastasio.

You were, are, and will always be my favorite Kotaku writer. From your Riot exposé to your genuinely amazing journey to find the lost American Sailor Moon Pilot, something that I personally failed to make any headway on several times, your articles have always been a delight.

Dec 2 2019

Thank you for continuing to report on this crap. It grosses me out that I continue to see Riot pushed in other media as the “cool game studio. I threw up in my mouth when I saw their involvement in HBO’s Ballers show... but I guess it was also kind appropriate to see them associated with a show about rich, womanizing Read more

Dec 2 2019

I mean, sounds pretty similar to the “food fight” format we see on CNN, but with people that appeal to a 15-25 demo and they’re promoting brands more than agendas. Also 11 guests who all love attention and wanting to promote their brands simultaneously just seems like overload.

Dec 2 2019

I cannot imagine something I would less like to be involved with, consume, or even be aware of. Just reading this article made my day worse.

Nov 26 2019

No. The majority of those platforms (Reddit and pedia sites) have major mobile traffic which not only does not natively have ad-blockers, but also auto-plays video content as a preview. That is what’s causing inflation. Embedded players on site highly trafficked by mobile users. 

Nov 14 2019

Rare is like a vintage axe - sure, the head may have been replaced a couple times, and it needed three or four replacement handles over the years, but it’s still the same old axe it always was!

Nov 13 2019

I’m glad someone feels the same way. I sold my copy after sinking 10 hours in, but running into the same inevitable frustration as you. I’m not a super good player but I get too caught up in my stats, so my gameplay loop was getting slaughtered, carefully building my ratio back up by playing conservatively, then Read more

Nov 13 2019

Every time I boot up the COD multiplayer I genuinely don’t have fun. I’m going to give it one more shot and if its not fun again then Im giving it the ol uninstall

Nov 13 2019

As someone who has felt for some time that the most recent iterations of CoD have been pretty childish and simplistic, I really love the larger, asymmetrical maps and the fact that the world feels like an actual warzone instead of a paintball arena. Read more

Nov 13 2019

If I find myself getting frustrated or upset, I drop into a Ground War. the larger team/map means I don’t feel as responsible for losing, or having a shitty score. Go do some sniping, maybe grab a helicopter and mess around

Nov 11 2019

I agree, when people push themselves to the limits of what’s possible, there is usually medical profesionals at least on stand by.

Nov 11 2019

I’m split on this. On one hand I am okay with people pushing past healthy limits to explore the limits of human physicality be it enhanced or natural. I think there are reasons to do that both from a competition and personal sense of self discovery perspective. This seems different, this seems like a publicity stunt Read more

Nov 11 2019

This feels like the video game equvelant of binge drinking towards alcoholism. This isnt healthy at all.

Nov 11 2019

As long as Boomers act exaggeratedly offended when they hear it, OK Boomer will live on.

Nov 8 2019

I wonder if that pawn shop owner will wonder why so many people are stopping by and never entering his store.