Ari Notis
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Dec 29

Not enough people take advantage of the Microsoft Rewards. They also tie this into GamePass with GamePass quests that award rewards points. I average 20k-30k points PER MONTH without even trying that much and its only like 35k points for 3 months of GamePass Ultimate so I never pay for it out of pocket and keep Read more

Dec 11

Regarding what happens if you take the time to conquer all of England including Wessex after the main plot of the game, it does have some relevance to the history of the central conflict between the Templars and Assassins.
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Dec 9

Check out REPL4Y for PC. You can use pretty much any pc compatible controller with the PS5 via remote play.

Dec 8

I make a b-line for fast travel points ASAP. The faster I can fast-travel around the map, the faster everything else can get done. This tends to lead to some early leveling, which also helps speed things along.

Dec 8

In addition to what’s noted under “Consider what you’re getting out of it”, it helps to be aware of one particular hard-to-break tendency many people share: the sunk cost fallacy. Sometimes a game doesn’t grab us right away, but sometimes it takes long enough that by the time you realize it, you think you should keep Read more

Dec 4

I’m just grateful they made the hidden blade useful again. I like being able to pretty much one hit kill any enemy if I’m careful enough. That hasn’t stopped me from being chased by every guard in a city. It sounds like this ability would help me greatly when that happens.

Dec 2

Generally, the best thing to do is to not add more games, even if they’re at their “best” price. I find it hard to enjoy games when I’m thinking about how many more are waiting for their turn for my attention. (This is especially true because I enjoy completing games...) Read more

Nov 19

I’ve backtracked a few times and it’s great. When you’re at low levels it’s more like equipping and unequipping skills as you need them. Really cool way of doing a level tree!

Nov 18

I found it to be pretty easy, and I’m pretty bad at platformers. I’d highly recommend it for a cold Saturday evening in. It’s a wonderful, brief gem of a game, so I hope you get to experience it!

Nov 12

The first thing I’m going to do, if it’s possible, is recreate that inverted scene from the movie. That said, I would like to now take the rest of my comment to show my admiration for Into the Spider-Verse. More movies like that, Sony! More animation like that, Marvel! Enough of the Saturday morning styled crap, Read more

Nov 10

I have one problem with this feature: the options shouldn’t be called “Normal” and “Inverted.” Read more

Nov 10

You can pet dogs and hug cats !?!?! Forget get going back to the one shot assassin kills. This is the most important game play addition

Oct 23

Buddy of mine did our first Nightmare Story mode last night, sadly he went down once so we didn’t get that Feat unlock, but I have some tips from our specific play through as newbies to that tier. We ran his assasin and my ronin.

Group vanish is king. Hallucination darts are incredibly handy at making short work of an Read more