Ari Notis
Staff Writer, Kotaku
6/12/21 12:29PM

“I get a little bit frustrated at still being hit over the head with this one. The point I was trying to make is that new games rule, old games drool, and backwards compatibility is for chumps. It ain’t happening.”

6/12/21 12:13PM

I, for one, salute the journalistic efforts of Some Guy from Axios. He is a clear asset to any media company that employs him.

6/08/21 11:47AM

I’ll continue to shout this to the heavens: Andromeda is a good game! But it VERY OBVIOUSLY got rushed, and a lot of story elements just didn’t get to breathe, and it DEFINITELY had way too much filler Read more

6/08/21 11:30AM

Having played and scoured those planets more than once in the past I have zero compunctions about pulling up a website full of maps of every unexplored world in ME1 so I can just drive straight to the points of interest. Read more

6/08/21 11:19AM

Was thinking about the ME remaster last night, as I’m almost done with 1. I kinda respect the fact that, while they smoothed some of the rough edges, they didn’t remake the game and left it’s existing flaws in place. It’s a good reminder of how far console RPGs have come since then. As far as I can tell, I still can’t Read more

6/01/21 1:52PM

Glad to know publishers have no shame, because this is a franchise that I would’ve sunset this series long ago as a matter of principle. I did sucker myself into getting the crysis remaster, and it’s just amazing how poorly it aged. You walk too slow, you run too fast, and despite having an advanced stealth suit, Read more

5/25/21 3:42PM

It really does feel like games changed a lot more in the first decade of the aughts than the second decade. I find Skyrim way more accessible today than I found Morrowind in 2011, for example. Games keep looking and playing* better as the years go one, but I kind of feel like they effectively ‘cracked the code’ for Read more

5/21/21 11:34AM

I was under the impression the plot is a retelling of the split between the Greek gods and the Titans, no? i.e. the war between the Sentients and Severed in which the former are destroyed and the latter rule? We assume Greek gods are guys in togas and bronze armor, but the game implies the gods are basically monsters. Read more

5/11/21 10:14PM

Bought it because I liked the concept. Wish I hadn’t.

Right now it’s pretty singular. There’s no variant game-types, so the gameplay and games get extremely same-sy.

Lopsided matches are a plenty, especially if one team uses mics over another. There’s also no limit on characters, you can have 3 robins on your team. Good Read more

5/11/21 1:03PM

some much needed QoL improvements to an already awesome feature. it will be interesting to see how it evolves as well. it would not surprise me if it eventually includes something similar to Sony’s card system for games on playstation but with the added bonus of being able to do it with up to 6 different games. (of Read more

5/05/21 5:12PM

This latest patch also removed the ability to fully heal oneself onboard the ship as often as needed during the first biome. Read more

5/03/21 2:47PM

This reminds me of the early demos for Dead Space back in the day, originally there was no way to pause the game (all the option menus were in the real time menus) but due to the negative reception they added a simply pause menu for settings and so you could stop to take a piss even if there wasn’t a save point around. Read more

5/03/21 2:42PM

It’s incredibly bizarre to me how many people are actually defending this. People on twitter and reddit just keep saying “git gud” when someone brings it up. No one is asking for a quick save so you can reload when something goes wrong or anything, just a way to be able to take a break without fear of losing a bunch Read more

4/30/21 11:46AM

I’ve been playing the game since it unlocked late yesterday evening I’ve traditionally detested roguelikes as a genre, but always knew there’d be an exception out there somewhere. And I think Returnal may be it. Similarly, I can’t stand when a game is made intentionally hard purely for its own sake, Read more

4/20/21 11:13AM

If you try it that way, nothing happens. When you still have your Xbox 360 with your old saves, you have to manually upload your saves to the MS cloud thingie.

4/20/21 11:11AM

Fable II, III, and Fable Anniversary yeah, you boot them up and they sync your old saves as long as they are in the cloud.