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I agree, once you strip back how wild it is to see Hayden in the animated Clone Wars armour and short hair charging into battle, the actual teaching/message of the hallucination doesn’t really line up. And it’s getting a bit noticeable when the dialogue has no flow. Characters speak at each other and there’s a Read more

The title and image reveal exactly nothing about the episode that wasn’t obviously foreshadowed at the end of last weeks episode.
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I think the tank and shorts photos are hero shots, not what she actually wore for the course. In the second photo from the top, she’s wearing the long-sleeve shirt, long pants, and sturdy shoes that are required by the MSF. Read more

The amount of bad faith in comparing a dedicated cosplay vertical to one of the only instances of female representation in a 2 hour showcase where a bunch of men talk about the work theyve done on video games being a literal lineup of women in costumes is... I mean come the fuck on. Read more

Exile?!?!?!? *immediately runs home to play* Read more

The WWC has brought this issue to the front burner again but people have been talking about it forever. I coached a girls soccer team starting in the mid-1990s and this topic was around back then. We did a simple drill where players would jump off a six-inch platform and land on one foot. The intent was to build Read more

For me personally, it was Clara. I liked Billie, who was in Capaldi’s final season.  But Clara killed any enjoyment I was having, and is reason why I’ve been having a hard time getting myself to do a full rewatch of the entire series. Read more

Out of curiosity, what made you fall off from Capaldi? Was it his Doctor or the stories told around him? I felt like Capaldi was a return to the older, avuncular, Doctor that had been part of the original series, after Tennant’s young whizbang and Smith’s oddball. I liked his Doctor but had never enjoyed Clara (The Read more

You can absolutely tell the customization screen is a real feat of both design and engineering. That responsiveness while being so tactile and quasi-diegetic really can’t be overstated. That’s really, really tough to get right, to do all of these smooth animations, and even have parts transforming and somehow Read more

As a GM Healer main (500+ hours on heals, like... 40 hours on everything else lol) I feel more irrelvant than ever before. I feel like I have no real impact on the game— regardless of the numbers I put up (most heals and most damage of all four healers, or a putrid 4k heals in 12 minutes) it won’t matter. This has Read more

I.Am.Dying. I read someone’s op-ed about Sandy & TME in Philly a few nights ago. Her “editorial” if you want to call it that, was just ok. Not much color or song depth. Definitely missing deets. Lady, you painted me a spectacular picture with humor!!! I am so here for this. I replied to the grandma who stopped Read more

I would like to point out that Anakin was never granted the rank of Master.  Read more

I absolutely love that Hayden is so beloved and well received at the conventions. You can tell it’s moving for him too. The prequels are always going to be a mixed bag (and the Kenobi series is too if we’re being honest), but the fact that we still get to enjoy the characters and actors in new series’ is just really Read more

As a former Neversoft 3D modeler, I am blown away by this. We worked incredibly hard to make all the props, environments and characters. I was largely responsible for guitar and other instrument models on GH3 and then when we added the ability to change textures we increased the instrument team to three people. Read more

Brutal callout? Yeah right.
*Clicks Slide 1*
“Listen here you little shit.”
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I was kind of hoping to workshop some shaky logic here. Just wanted to understand whether this seemed plausible or not to anyone else: Read more

So like, the Children of the Watch were somehow responsible for Mandalore getting fusion bombed as a ploy to get rid of the other, more reasonable factions, right? To me the fact that they lived on a moon, even though they’re OBSESSED with the planet, kind of cements that. I’m guessing they somehow helped the Empire Read more