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How did we spoil last week’s episode, please, enlighten me. Read more

*She* did not defend TROS, she simply pointed out a single good scene from it.  Read more

No it was just incredibly hot so in between bike time I’d always strip back down into my sports bra. This pic was taken *after* we were totally done.  Read more

For me it was a bit of Clara, and a whole lot of the inconsistency episode-to-episode after Chibnall took over. Moffat drove me nuts in a lot of ways, but I felt like his seasons were still, by and large, pretty solid. Then I, too, had trouble accessing Whittaker’s episodes, and when I did catch an odd one or two they Read more

I think it’ll increase my healing output as well! I just worry that now, DPS-leaning Moiras will throw out damage orbs more and go “i’m getting my heals back!” in situations where they should def throw a healing orb. We shall seeeee Read more

For me this comes from playing FPS titles. If I consider the character to be an extension of myself, then I think of the left joystick as the top of my head. Pulling back looks up, pushing forward looks down. Read more

The following pot-induced freak-out takes the cake in terms of my myriad panic attacks I've had after smoking the good stuff. As a sufferer of often crippling anxiety, Mary Jane and I have an extremely bi-polar relationship—sometimes she calms me down and lets me revel in binge-watching Chappelle's Show, and other Read more