Australians Are Already Playing Persona 5 Royal

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Persona 5 Royal isn’t supposed to be out for another week, but as chaos unfolds in the Australian retail sector following confusing government messaging about covid-19 precautions, national chain EB Games has just decided to say fuck it, and get the game out the door while their stores are still open.


EB Games—the local subsidiary of GameStop—tweeted this out yesterday, leading many to think they’d simply sent the message accidentally:


But nope, consumers could head in and pick the game up. And as Kotaku Australia report, EB Games weren’t alone; Australia’s other major games retailer, JB Hi-Fi, has started selling the game early as well.

Australia has always been a day ahead of the U.S. and Europe. A week, though, that’s new.

Persona 5 Royal’s scheduled release date is/was March 31.

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Atlus should just release it digitally now for the rest of us.

I’d buy it if they pulled up and said “P5R is out immediately in the digital store. Happy Quaratine!”