According to iTnews, the Australian Classification Board has announced it would like to "apply the National Classification Code, the Classification Act, and the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer" to mobile applications.

"I recently wrote to the [Commonwealth Censorship] minister regarding my concern that some so-called mobile phone applications, which can be purchased online or either downloaded to mobile phones or played online via mobile phone access, are not being submitted to the board for classification," said Donald McDonald, Australia's Classification Board director.

This is following on the heel's of the American Entertainment Software Rating Board, which asked Apple to use its classification for iPhone games. The ESA stated it would like the App Store to carry ratings as well.

With the iPhone becoming a gaming platform in its own like, competing with the PSP and the DS, ratings only seem fair ā€” to level the playing field. But what's next? Rating flash games?

Classification board seeks to censor iPhone apps - Software - Technology - News [ via EDGE via Joystiq]