Australia Makes Civ V History

A year after we first got to play the mod that brought a playable Australia to Civ V, the team behind it has beefed it up to look just like one of the game's "proper" civs.


Normally, when a mod introduces a new leader to the game, the leader screen — which for official Civs is a gorgeous scene with a fully-animated character — is reduced to a static image, and in the rare instances someone does get one to move, they don't have sound.


But Sir Henry Parkes, Australia's first Prime Minister and the star of this mod, is now the first to be fully voiced and animated.

He has some quirks, but on the whole he works great! The story of how he was made is pretty interesting, too, since instead of being built from scratch he's actually been made using the animation and wardrobe from several existing leaders.

And just in time for Australia Day to boot.

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