Augmented Reality Game Fights Zombies With Skittles

The Georgia Tech Augmented Environments Lab has come up with a game that combines the joy of shooting zombies with the deliciousness of Skittles.

The cleverly-titled ARhrrrr is a concept demonstration for an augmented reality mobile phone game that pits players armed with guns and Skittles bombs against an invading army of zombies, all superimposed over a real-world map. Through the magic of the NVIDIA Tegra GPU, the map springs to full 3D life when viewed through the phone's camera, allowing the player to circle the map in his helicopter, shooting zombies, saving humans, and using different colored Skittles as explosives.

It's yet another intriguing example of augmented reality gaming at work, though we must ask...who wants to play a game associated with Skittles?

ARhrrrr! [Georgia Tech's Augmented Reality Lab - Thanks Tiago!]

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Who remembers that Cube game which was basically just a giant Skittles adverts xD That was epic. Darkened Skys, was it?