Auction Begins for the Most Desirable PS4 on Earth

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Last year, Sony rolled out the limited edition Anniversary PS4 in classic PlayStation gray. There were only 12,300 released, each serialized. Now, you can bid on number 1.


The 12,300 number corresponded with the Japanese PS1's December 3rd launch. Sony is auctioning off the first console, which is 00001 out of 12300, for charity. All proceeds will go to Save the Children Japan, with Sony matching the amount raised by the console. Good on Sony for doing that.

Bidding began today on Yahoo! Auctions and ends on January 25. As of posting, bids are at 1.4 million yen (US$11,883). Expect the amount to only increase by this Sunday, and don't be surprised if this Anniversary PS4 surpasses amounts previous ones racked up.

Though, you'll be sad to know that the console will not be shipped overseas. So, if you plan on winning this, you'll need a Japanese shipping address. That, and lots of money.

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lets be honest if you got that kind of money then you can just go pick it up yourself.