Don't just play Saints Row: The Third this November, wear Saints Row: The Third all over your person with the Crooks & Castles capsule collection. It's the perfect real-world complement to your in-game pimping, hustling and mayhem making.

THQ, streetwear label Crooks and Castles and Complex have collaborated on a line of Saints Row-inspired fashions—stadium jackets, t-shirts, snapbacks, one very purple wallet and the like—that you can wear over your real-world flesh or in-game on your digital characters. Anyone who has paid attention to the streetwear scene over the past decade will recognize Crooks and Castles' trademark imagery mashed up with Saints Row: The Third branding and color schemes.


It's only available at online retailer Karmaloop, if the idea of wearing a "Cocaine and Caviar" cap appeals to you.

Saints Row: The Third will hit PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 15.

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