Attack On Titan & Marvel Characters Getting Official Crossover

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We all love watching Eren and the gang swing around in Attack On Titan, but what would happen if you added Spider-Man to the mix? Well do I have good news for you.


Marvel talent scout C.B. Cebulski announced that an official crossover is coming up between Attack on Titan and the Marvel Universe in Japan, including a teaser image of Spider-Man slinging out of the way.

Sure it's just a crossover, but I'm just imagining what'll come out of it. Maybe Tony Stark will design a 3D Maneuver Gear? I guess we'll find out soon enough.


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This is it, people. Now that American comic/Manga crossovers are officially a thing, can an actual, official, Superman VS Goku comic be far behind?

Imagine the internet arguments, stretching into infinity.