It isn't like they took the anime characters and made them look real. That's exactly what they did.

They being Universal Studios Japan, which, starting tomorrow, is opening an Attack on Titan attraction at its Osaka theme park. Earlier today, I checked it out as part of a press preview.


Dubbed Attack on Titan The Real, it's a walk-thru attraction, which replays key moments from the anime on the big screen. However, as the attraction gets closer to its finale, there are realistic wax-like statues of slaughered Survey Corps members. It's rather gruesome stuff.

However, the attraction's climax has large, life-like statues of Attack on Titan characters Armin, Levi, and Mikasa. They're not one-to-one scale, and are slightly smaller than real people—something, I think, that keeps them from venturing completely into totally unnerving Uncanny Valley territory.

But they do look impressively real, giant eyes and all, that is. Like real-life anime characters. And check out the detail on the uniforms and equipment.

Attack on Titan The Real can be experienced for a limited time only. The attraction ends its run at Universal Studios Japan May 10.


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