Surely you can see the similarity to Attack on Titan.

Below, of course, is an image from the Attack on Titan anime, featuring a Titan about to tear down the wall, so other, smaller Titans can enter and eat all the villagers.

Spotted by Twitter user Minami_Carapare, this giant Super Lucky Cat has been compared to Attack on Titan, getting nicknames like "Attack on Cat" or "Attack on Titan Nyan."

[Photo: minami_carapare]

Dubbed Tokonyan, the maneki-neko is located in Tokoname, near Nagoya. It's a giant good luck cat that watches over the town! The statue is 3.2 meters high and 6.3 meters across.

Check out what the cat looks like from the street.

[Photo: Taorin]

[Photo: hysttm]

Below is the view from the bridge.

[Photo: su_guy]


[Photo: Nukoyan]

Somebody save those small cats before it's too late!

[Photo: Shin_jiji]

Oh, they're fake cats. Fuck those fake cats.

[Photo: nannan87394]

The back is completely flat, because the statue backs up against a parking lot. This is a half-headed super lucky giant cat.

[Photo: isamu_WJ]

Imagine coming home to this.

[Photo: 9t_9]

If you plan on visiting, there are clearly marked signs so you can find Tokonyan.

[Photo: 9t_9]

That is, if you have difficulty locating the giant cat head on your own.

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