Erotic game and upcoming Xbox 360 title TimeLeap is at the center of an atomic-bomb-landmark-panty-flashing-dancing-controversy. For one reason or another, two female students from Nagasaki University uploaded a video of themselves dancing to a tune from erotic game TimeLeap in front of the Atomic Dome in Hiroshima. In the clip, the girls briefly flash their underpants. In Japan, the reaction to the clip has been outrage from some: "You're the shame of Japan!" Obviously dancing to an eroge song in front of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, a site were people lost their lives does seem tacky. Others in Japan are blasé about the whole brouhaha, commenting: "Why'd they pick the dome anyway?" The girls since have apologized. Hit the jump for the clip.

【ニコニコ】「原爆ドーム」背景にパンチラダンス→ブログ大炎上、女子大生謝罪 [痛いニュース via Sankaku Complex]