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Atlus Teases New Title

Illustration for article titled Atlus Teases New Title

Sigh. Another announcement of an announcement. This time it's Japanese game maker Atlus. At least the teaser site is interactive!


On July 24, Atlus will announce a new title. The teaser site is covered with a mosaic, but if you drag your cursor over the blue tiles, it reveals a view of the globe from space.

Phrases occasionally flash on the blue titles. Some include:

"This is a soldier's hand. It's trustworthy."
"For us, it's 'hope'!"
"Don't lose site of yourself!"
"You came here from a rich country just to die?"
"For the future of mankind, let's both hold our ground!"
"South Pole"


アトラス新作ゲームソフト予告 [Atlus Thanks, Jolan!]

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01001111 01001000

I checked the teaser site's source code for keywords and translated what the katakana said (I'm not as good with hiragana and I downright suck when it comes to kanji).

It didin't reveal anything too exciting.

アトラス - "Atorasu" - Atlus.

アトラスネット - "Atorasunetto" - Atlusnet. I don't know if that means just the official Atlus website or if it's somekinda service that that exists in Japan or something. It could be that this only the website. Or it could be that this will be somekind of online game / downloadable game.

ゲームソフト - "Geemusofuto" - Game Software.

7月24日 - "24th of July"

This I put on Babel Fish:

最新作 - "up-to-date work"

I guess Atlus isn't into hiding clues in their source code... I miss Kojima Productions teasers...