Atlus has been one busy little company this year, haven't they? It almost seems like there's a new game announcement coming from those folks every week, like this latest one for the strategy RPG Eternal Poison for the PS2. Released in Japan under the name Poison Pink, the game follows five bands of adventurers as they explore the homeland of the mysterious Majin. Some wish to rescue a kidnapped princess, others yearn for revenge, and even more are drawn to rumors of the Eternal Poison, a treasure rumored to make your darkest desires come true. Since my darkest desire at the moment is chocolate chip pancakes, readily available at IHOP, I hardly see the point, but it could be right up your alley. Eternal Poison, complete with a bonus soundtrack in every box, is due out in November at the budget price of $39.99. Hit the jump for the teaser trailer!



Atlus Injects November With Eternal Poison

Save the princess, save the world

IRVINE, Calif. - August 4, 2008

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced Eternal Poison for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Released in Japan as Poison Pink, Eternal Poison delivers a riveting narrative with sweeping themes and memorable characters, complimented by classic tactical gameplay and a uniquely dark aesthetic. Prepare yourself for an adventure rife with action and intrigue in this grand strategy RPG drama.

Soundtrack CD included
Every single copy of Eternal Poison is a special two-disc set. In addition to the game disc, customers will receive a soundtrack CD featuring selected music from the game.

Eternal Poison is currently scheduled for release on November 11, 2008, with an MSRP of $39.99.About Eternal Poison
Our world descended into chaos the day the demonic realm of Besek appeared. Creatures known as the Majin emerged, wreaking havoc and destroying our way of life. They captured the Princess of Valdia and imprisoned her in their lair. Now, brave adventurers throughout the land have set out to explore the Majin homeland. Some wish to rescue the princess; some seek fame and glory; some merely want revenge. However, there are those who look to harness the Majin's dark powers, for it is rumored that deep within Besek lies the Eternal Poison, a legendary treasure able to make your deepest desires come true. Travel the paths of some of these adventurers, and as their tales unfold, you will discover the true meanings of romance, heroism, madness, despair, and betrayal...

Key Features
• Five stories in one-Walk the winding paths of five different parties as they journey deeper into hostile lands. With branching paths and optional encounters, you must chart each course carefully, for your choices will have a direct impact on the outcome of each tale.

• Capture and collect demons-All demons can be exploited - even bosses - so every battle offers the intriguing choice of binding or killing your foes. Bound demons can be summoned to fight at your side or be sacrificed for money or new spells.

• Gorgeous dark fantasy world-Step into a twisted fairytale world of demons, black magic, and a quest for the ultimate treasure. The kidnapping of the Princess and the temptation of finding the Eternal Poison have drawn your heroes into a world full of dangerous traps, fiendish monsters, and unexpected villains. Discover a world that is as rich in beauty as it is in corruption.

Eternal Poison has not yet been rated by the ESRB.