Publisher Atlus will be bringing the PSP brawler Kenka Bancho 3 stateside in "early 2010," the company announced today, giving English speakers a chance to emit intimidating eye-lasers at lesser foes while sporting awesome haircuts.

The third in Spike's series of bad-ass brawlers, Kenka Bancho 3 will take players on a high school class trip to a historic Japanese city where people will be punched and kicked in the face. Hands will be kept coolly in pockets until such time as someone needs a good beating, then said beatings will ensue, all for good reason. There's a story woven in between all that hand-to-hand violence, as well as great eyebrows, afros, and other choice grooming options.

Atlus is also soliciting help in choosing a Western appealing name for Kenka Bancho 3 via online survey. The options include Badass and Bancho Royale but should really stop and start with Badass Rumble. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear potential customers can suggest their own names, including my own, My Eye-Laser Training Coach.

Granted, I've never played one of the Kenka Bancho games on the PlayStation 2, due to the language barrier, but I'm still recommending that you pay attention to it. Why? Well, why not?


Here's a trailer of the Japanese release that might give you a better idea what this whole thing is about.