Atari's Harrison is Console-Agnostic When it Comes to Kissing Ass

Phil Harrison, former Sony and current Atari exec, has heaped love on PlayStation Home, saying his former company "brilliantly realised" its goal. Then he smoochy-smoochied the NXE. Hey, it's all bidness, right?

Harrison, in comments to Eurogamer during last week's Atari Live event, said Sony "will have a very successful platform" with PlayStation@Home, begun under his tenure. Phil's said he's in on the beta, which Sony says will launch for all users by the end of this month. Harrison left Sony for Atari back in March.


Regarding Xbox Live's new dashboard: "I was quite impressed actually with some of the things that [Microsoft has] done," he said. "They're just scratching the surface of what the whole industry recognises is that customisation, socialisation and community platforms are going to be just as important as the games themselves."

Wait, didn't he say anything nice about Nintendo, too? UH-OH CONTROVERSY. Kidding. But the man's got titles to publish and games to sell, on both consoles, so praising both, like a mother who makes sure to compliment her less-favorite son, is to be expected.

Harrison: Home is "Brilliantly Realised" [Eurogamer]

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