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Atari jumps on the Facebook bandwagon, carrying a knapsack full of kitschy stickers so you can personalize your photos with Atari Photo Sauce.


Photo Sauce, developed by the Atari London Studio, is a free Facebook app that allows users to plaster retro stickers, stamps, and speech bubbles all over their photos, creating images and comic strips they can share with their friends, or people who added them because they felt it was rude not to. As you can see from the image above, I am already an expert at using this application.

So why a Facebook app, Atari?

"Atari introduced the world to computer entertainment with simple and fun games for everyone," said Paulina Bozek, Development Director, Atari London Studio. "Atari Photo Sauce builds on that heritage with a social application that is universally appealing and instantly fun, allowing social networkers, who share billions of photos online, a new way to be creative with photos and share them instantly with friends everywhere."


See? Atari is building on its heritage. Soon its heritage will be littered with "Totally Rad" stickers and rainbows. This pleases me. Go forth and Photo Sauce, I suppose.

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