Atari Combats Resale WIth Expandable Experiences

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With game companies all over the world depressed about the impact used game resales have on the industry, Atari offers up a simple solution - make games people don't want to let go of.


This elegant solution to the used game market comes courtesy of Atari's President Phil Harrison, who explains that Atari's ongoing strategy is such that the resales aren't something the company is worried about.

"The games that have the embedded community, the embedded commerce, the extended, expandable experiences, are the one's that you would never want to trade, the one's you want to keep hold of. And that's perfectly in line with our future strategy so we're not that concerned about it"

No why does this all sound so familiar? Why of course! It's Game 3.0! That Phil is a man who stands by his plans.

Second hand sales have been "extremely painful" for the industry - Atari []


Easier said that done. Wish the best of luck to him.

Me personally though, I do actually hoard everything I buy. And don't trade.

Now, when I was younger and had no money, I would trade video games. But AHA! There's the key. When I was broke and had no money..

I might be on to something here...