It's no secret that I have a thing for gaming-themed shoes (it's a chick thing), so I simply have to blog about Daniel "Brass Monki" Reese's custom video game shoes โ€” featuring Moogles.

Normally, you don't see Moogle-related fashion items when searching for Final Fantasy apparel. I had a particularly fruitless search for someone's Christmas present a few years back that ended in a lousy key chain and damaged friendship. Depending on how much Reese charges for his custom-made kicks, I can maybe count on repairing it a little with some Moogle shoe love.

That, or I can just keep them for myself. In which case, I may want to consider his Tetris-inspired designs instead. So pretty.

Keep in mind, however, that Reese's designs are sometimes little more than expert Photoshop jobs. "At the moment, the designs I put together are only concepts," he writes on his blog. But he's willing to take commissions to make concept reality.


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