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At Long Last, an in-Game Twitter Client for Warcraft

Do you spend six hours a day playing Warcraft and another three hours Twittering pointlessly? Well now you can spend nine hours doing both!

With TweetCraft, WoW gamers get a fully-featured Twitter client that, of course, allows you to send and receive in game - but also schedule your Tweet uploads, send in-game screenshots, and auto-tweet whenever you log in, get an achievement or enter an instance.

I'll confess to being bored and switching over to Twitter almost by reflex, just to see what's going on. This kind of multitasking seems like it mostly furthers stereotypes about WoW players and the triviality of Twitter content.


Oh hell, they even made a demo video for this thing. Here, check it out.

TweetCraft [site, via Blue's News]

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