At Least You Didn't Watch The First Trump-Clinton Debate In VR

The virtual reality “watch party” for the first Trump-Clinton debate was a bust. It was presented by VR hangout app Altspace and NBC News, and just amounted to glorified Second Life, basically. Avatars of people from around the world watching a flat video stream. Not a great experience.


I captured the video above while watching some of the debate through the app. I was using an Oculus Rift headset, though Gear VR and Vive were also both supported. As you’ll see, presenting the debate in VR didn’t add anything useful.

Last year’s Democratic Primary Debate in VR was way better, because they put cameras on stage for that one and let users view the debate from various angles. And even that wasn’t that great, given the lack of viewer control of the experience.

Maybe next time?

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That was pretty bland. Folks pretty much tuned in to see Trump do something outrageous and all he did was just fumble around. Hillary was roboticly rehearsed, nothing of real importance was actually said, and the Trump I heard so many of supporters saying would absolutely ‘DESTROY’ Hillary in a debate just didn’t show up. She really got lucky when they decided to nominate him. Trump was pretty much doing all of her work for her.

All in all, I’ll be pretty surprised if Trump even has a chance come November. 4 more years of business as usual when Hillary wins, all opposition either minor or major will be called sexist instead of racist this time, more war and more corporate welfare.