The Xbox One is a substantial piece of hardware, especially if it's sitting near a PS4 and/or Wii U for comparison. So it shouldn't surprise you to see people hard at work trying to make the thing smaller.

This is an Xbox One laptop. With a built-in screen and a slimmer form, it "shrinks" the console down to something that's 2" thick when closed. Not bad considering much of that is space is being taken up by the screen, and not the console.


It's got all the ports and functionality of a regular Xbox One. And...that might also be the biggest problem with it.

The laptop still needs the Xbox One's large power brick. And the Kinect is still there, lurking around, only now it's got nowhere obvious to sit.

So an "A" for effort, then.

22" Xbox One Laptop [YouTube, via technabob]

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