At Least in the New Syndicate They Don’t Run You Over with a Car

I know a lot of people have nostalgia for the 1993 Bullfrog classic Syndicate (myself included). I also know that critical reception to the new game has been a bit mixed. But I will say one thing the new game has going for it: At least they don't recruit agents by slamming into total strangers with a hover-car.


I mean really, it just seems like a counter-intuitive way to go about hiring an unstoppable army of cyberpunk killers. Watch the video above and to see what I mean. I kinda feel bad for the poor guy!

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Pretty sure I saw at least one other person pointing this out, but you aren't being hired by the organization. At least, not in the usual sense. Instead, you're being kidnapped and brainwashed(at the very least). They're simply using the car to incapacitate you rather than pulling up to you, having a few guys hop out and grab you, and then having to restrain you while you struggle. Why waste 3-4 people's time by giving you the opportunity to fight when they can send one guy, have him hit you with a car and load your unconcious body up himself, and then rebuild/replace anything that got broken since they were gonna fit you with cybernetic parts anyways?

Also, in Syndicate(like in so many cyberpunk settings, most notably ShadowRun) the organizations aren't(or at least weren't) criminal organizations along the lines of the mob or something, they were megacorporations that actually controlled territory. The megacorporations essentially became the government and made the laws in the territories they controlled, and so nothing they did was illegal. Your goal in Syndicate was simply to eliminate all the competition and seize control of their territory in any way possible until you were the last one standing and controlled everything.

Besides, the more pressing question is why they used any physical force at all when they could have just walked by with a Persuadertron. If you ever bothered to notice, your reserve unit pool always grew when you ended a mission with persuaded NPCs still standing, meaning you took them back and made them part of your forces.