While the people from this particular planet are packing up their Wii consoles and preparing to trade them in for the next big thing, the last survivor of the planet Gallifrey is having a wonderful time flailing about in front of the television. In yesterday's episode of Doctor Who, Matt Smith shows Wii Sports Tennis how it's done.

For a man that's seen the entirety of time and space, spending any substantial amount of time stuck on one planet must be incredibly boring. Luckily companions Rory and Amy have a Wii in their living room, or the good Doctor might have wandered off in the TARDIS instead of helping save the world from a series of tiny black cubes.

You'll note that he's not wearing his wrist strap, either. It's that sort of carelessness that's brought us to the 11th Doctor instead of still being on the 4th or 5th.

The clip comes from episode four of the latest season, "The Power of Three".