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At Age 41, This Anime Director Is Already Burnt Out

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yutaka Yamamoto is one of Japan’s best known young anime directors. Most recently, he helmed the anime series Wake Up, Girls! He’s very talented and sounds very exhausted.

As pointed out by Hachima, Yamamoto announced via Twitter that he was taking “an indefinite leave” because he’s fallen into poor physical health after “excessive” and “unreasonable” circumstances “piled up.”


As previously noted (here and here), the anime industry is extremely demanding.

Yamamoto added that he’s still has his email and phone, but is refraining from future work.


Geez, all this sounds rough. I hope the guy is okay.

When a writer said this was Yamamoto “essentially retiring,” the director fired back on Twitter, writing, “An incompetent critic begins incompetent criticism again (lol).”


Yamamoto, or “Yamakan” as fans call him, originally made a splash when he was the series production director of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in 2006. After leaving Kyoto Animation, he and other former staffers founded anime studio Ordet, which churned out Black Rock Shooter, Senyu and Wake Up, Girls!

The above image is taken from a long interview Yamamoto did with CG World back in 2012.


Hope Yamamoto is able to recharge and take the break he needs to return to directing.

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