Assassin's Creed's Connor, Who Was The Worst, Is Done For

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Nothing typified the regression the Assassin's Creed series took between Revelations and III more than the game's star. We went from Ezio, a lovable, charismatic rogue, to Connor, who was...nothing. He was nothingness in a white hood.


Sucking much of the life out of the franchise with his solemn frown and humour deficiency, the series has swiftly moved on without him, the only people seemingly caring to remember being cosplayers and a crowd on Tumblr who immortalise him with fanart and fanfiction.

So it's hilarious to most, and upsetting to that minority, that in a Reddit AMA earlier today, lead writer Darby McDevitt responded to the question "How likely is it that Connor's story will be continued in another game in the future?" with:

"Not very. We want Tumblr to pick up where we left off."

Now, that's funny. It shows public self-awareness from a major developer, which is a rare treat. It also shows that, as weird as it can sometimes get, the people responsible for creating the character have been keeping tabs on stuff like this. And this. And this.

It's also a line McDevitt circled back around to, explaining Ubisoft's motivations (and forward planning) in detail:

Firstly, though my answer was terse, I am not being snide when I say I am eager to see how fans continue our characters' stories in other outlets and mediums. Tumblr and live journal and dozens of other sites provide perfect outlets for AC fans to continue the stories of their favorite characters. I absolutely love this process. I love the fact that people have discovered resonant topics and characters in our universe. I love the fact that fans can expand or elaborate on points they feel have not been well addressed. This should happen as often as possible. Take what we begin and make it your own. Remix and remake. This leads to wonderful things.

That being said, it would be wrong to imagine that anyone is "brushing Connor off" ... we planned the Edward, Haytham, Connor saga more than 2 years ago, long before any of you had heard Connor's name or learned his backstory. We had no idea how he (or Haytham) would be received, but we had our own long story to tell, and we embraced it. And it was our hope that — taken together — this saga would represent the story of a family... a migration, a mixing of cultures, and a dashing of ideals... Connor played his part, Haytham played his, and now Edward has had his say too. The fact that Connor's story feels incomplete to you is unfortunate (and likely made worse by the cut dialog people found), but this only means there is more room for your imaginations to take over.

Don't rely on us to deliver new content... make your own stories. Finally, there is ALWAYS room for interesting things to happen in the AC universe. We are open to many ideas. But it's also important to realize that we make critical decisions YEARS before they come to fruition... which means we cannot usually respond immediately to fan reactions. This is why petitions aren't terribly useful... we're on a completely different schedule. But we are eager to see what you do with our characters... the stories you tell, the places you go. That's why we do this. Thanks for your reply, Zoe.

Nevertheless...that first line of his was a doozie, and if you feel like a laugh at the expense of mildly crazy Assassin's Creed fanboys/fangirls devastated at the news, this Tumblr tag has some fairly emotional stuff on it right now.

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Davy M Jones

I think Connor's awesome. I caught me better than Altair did.

Yeah, I fuckin' said it.

While his story isn't as compelling on paper, Connor had more personality and motivation than Altair did in his original game. Ignoring that Revelations retroactively gifted him with an actor who had some personality, Altair had all the charm of a damp sponge. We can look at him now and see that he was a noble and wise and wonderful, because Ubisoft had about four games of practice by that point (not counting the handhelds), but in his own games, he was strictly your standard blank protagonist for us to inhabit. We would have been better off with a Create-A-Shephard, male or female.

Almost everyone fell in love with Ezio instantly, because he was a breath of fresh air, and it was glorious. Personality, charm, tragedy, and true passion for everything he believes in. This was a nobleman who fell from grace, and took hold of his destiny with vigor, determined to set things right.

Haytham was also fucking cool. Why his story ended so quickly and on such a tragic, muted note is beyond me, but whatever.

But Connor? Connor was perfect given the circumstances of the historical period. The world of the time produced him, and rather than becoming a sellsword or a roadside bandit, that same righteous spirit that held Ezio and Altair on the right path led him to making a breakthrough and probably starting the Assassins order up in earnest in the Americas, most likely alongside Aveline. Despite tragedy continuing to unfold around him, he refused to cave in as Achilles had at one point, and continued by hardening himself and becoming the sort of leader and stalwart figure the Brotherhood probably needed at the time.

And if anyone's come closer to the line between Assassin and Templar without crossing over, it's might Connor's grandfather, but I wouldn't know yet. I'm waiting for the PC and Next-Gen release before I jump into that story. Haytham fell in with the Templars, and Connor walked that tightrope for a bit alongside his father before solidifying the wall between them and following through with what he believed.

Connor was not the best, but he was far from the worst.