While a lotta this information is new, Mirage itself isn’t. Previously codenamed “Rift” and originally built as an expansion to 2020's Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Mirage leaked right at the end of August. Artwork emblazoned with the text “The Forty Thieves Quest” in the same style Ubisoft typically uses for Assassin’s Creed DLC popped up online—allegedly on the company’s own digital store, at that—before getting taken down. Ubisoft eventually caved in, though, and officially unveiled Mirage as the “next Assassin’s Creed game.” You could say stealth didn’t work here, especially since Ubisoft may have blown its own cover.


The seemingly never-ending Assassin’s Creed machine isn’t only working on Mirage in its factory. There are three other projects in development at Ubisoft right now. This includes a mobile game and two other “major” entries in the series, with one of them finally set in Japan. I know, right? The game’s stealth-action formula just makes sense in a historicized (if fictionalized) feudal Japan.

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While Assassin’s Creed: Mirage doesn’t have a set release date as of yet, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier reported last month that Ubisoft appears to be targeting a “spring 2023" window for this one. The other three games the company’s currently working on reportedly won’t land until 2024 at the earliest, though it’s also incredibly probable that they could slip into 2025 or 2026.