Assassin's Creed III Will Feature Ben Franklin's Bawdier Side

No, no, no, Ben Franklin won't be an inventor who gives you gadgets in Assassin's Creed III.

He will, however, somehow express his not-well-publicized "love of women," according to ACIII creative director Alex Hutchinson, as detailed in a new story in the Penny Arcade Report.


Franklin didn't just establish the post office and spend much of the American Revolution in France. He also wrote about the apparent pleasures a younger man might derive from intercourse with old women. He was generally into having mistresses. That's the Ben Franklin we're getting in AC III.

This game's going to be educational!

The article also delves more deeply into the development team's plan for every assassination target in AC III to be a real person (around here, we like to call that point no. 50.) Click through for a good read about the challenges and opportunities of melding historical fact with a blockbuster game.

Selecting victims in Assassin's Creed 3: These are real people, and this is where and when they died [Penny Arcade Report]


(Actor portrays Ben Franklin during 2002 Independence Day celebration | William Thomas Cain, Getty Images)

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