High quality fan films can enrich video game lore as much as yaoi fanfiction damages it by filling plot holes and visualizing pieces of the game's back story we only hear about in passing.

Take for example the loss of Altair's ring finger on his hidden-knife-hand. From playing Assassin's Creed, we know he lost it as part of the Assassin's initiation. But try as I might, I can't remember actually seeing that happen in the game โ€” I only remember internalizing Altair's missing finger as fact.

This is where creative video group, TheDuoGroup, steps in to show us what that moment could have looked like.

In the almost-10-minute animated feature, titled "Initiation," Altair undergoes the part of his training where he loses that finger and takes the final step toward badassery. TheDuoGroup blurbs that, "Like all young men, Altair aspired to leave his mark on the world. After years of grueling training, fear and anticipation course through his veins. Anticipation, because he understands that this is the last right of passage towards brotherhood. Fear, because he knows that though hundreds of apprentices have reached this point, few come back alive."

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Graham!

Note: This is not an official Ubisoft video. It's just a pretty, spiffy fan video.