Asking Publishers About Other PS2-To-Blu-Ray Releases

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We touched on this in a dreamy way yesterday, but today, let's look at it a little more seriously: now that God Of War 1 & 2 are being re-released on Blu-Ray, can we expect other series to follow suit?


After all, there are plenty of popular PS2 games/series that - provided they were upgraded visually and included a few bonus features - people would be willing to spend money on. And not all those games/series are published by Sony. So we asked around, to see if the God of War announcement had lit a fire under any other publishers.

"We are constantly exploring unique ways to expose players to some of our legacy titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill", a Konami representative told us. "Re-releasing games on Blu-ray presents an exciting opportunity for a publisher, however we have no announcements at this time".

"I don't want anyone reading this the wrong way (as I'm not saying anything like this could happen) but I'm seeing some interested for DMC to get this treatment", said Capcom's Christian Svensson, posting on the company's Unity forums. "Are there other titles you'd like see go this way? I'm looking for some temperature readings".

"We're always looking at new ways of getting content on PS3", Sony's Patrick Seybold told us, "but as of now, [God of War] is the only one planned."

Square Enix, sadly, refused to offer comment.

So, as you can see, no outright confirmation that similar projects are in the pipeline elsewhere (or indeed at Sony for other series), but definitely some encouraging words. You can bet somebody, somewhere is looking at the God of War collection and imagining something similar for Silent Hill, or Metal Gear Solid, or even Onimusha.


Movie fans love the Criterion Collection because it takes old movies and breathes new life into them; it's about time video game fans were given something similar.


I find it a bit funny that when Nintendo announced that they would be re-releasing Gamecube games for the Wii with updated control schemes, people dissed them for being cash ins.

But Sony announces a blu ray release of the old GoW games, and all the world goes crazy, and start asking for more PS2 games to be ported to PS3.

Not bashing anything here, just pointing that out. I have both Wii and PS3, and I say: