Ask Us Anything About Xbox Kinect [Q&A session ended]

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Brian Crecente and I have each been using Kinect for over a week, playing and reviewing many of the launch games. Are you worried about living room space? Wondering about games or the dashboard? Ask away and we'll answer here.


For more Kinect coverage, including reviews, gameplay videos and a lot more check out all of our coverage on the ambitious Xbox sensor.

The Kinect is neither perfect nor terrible and we're ready to tell you whatever else you'd like to know.


Update: Alright, folks, Brian and I have got to do some other things, but we hope that helps. If you have questions about space and lighting — the two most popular queries — we've answered them a bunch in the comments further down. Plus we'll have a round-up on those issues tomorrow.

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Are there any Kinect-centric XBLA games out right now or scheduled for the future?

Also, I haven't seen any video of either of you sitting down and playing anything. Like Kinectimals for example, do you have to stand for that? I thought someone said they fixed that particular issue. If you talked about that, just point me to that right article. I'm majorly going through them now.