Ask a Video Game Developer Anything ... Call for Questions

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You may have heard about the game journalist who wanted to be a game developer, but have you seen this Jeremiah Slaczka guy we've got writing for us each month? He may be the CEO and creative director of 5TH Cell (Scribblenauts, Hybrid, Run Roo Run), but I think he might want to be a games journalist or something.


Why else would he be willing to answer your questions every month?

He's doing it again later in June. Right now, please submit your best questions for Miah in the comments below. He prefers if your questions are about game development, publishing, and all the other parts of making games.

Ask him what it was like to wear bright red sneakers while presenting a Wii U game at the Nintendo E3 press conference, perhaps? No, that's not a good question.

He'll answer the best questions from the comments section below here on Kotaku next week.


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