Ask a Video Game Developer Anything ... Call for Questions

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We did it twice (this time and this time). We're doing it again: Ask a video game developer anything...preferably about the world of game-making!


Put your questions in the comments section, please.

In a week or so, Jeremiah Slaczka (5TH Cell creative director! Scribblenauts! Hybrid! Kotaku columnist!) will answer the very best ones in the next installment of his new Kotaku column. Why do I have a feeling a few of these questions will be about E3?


I'm pretty well set on making game development my career of choice - I spent three years making this, and am currently working on this (which is likely going to take at least two or three more years). Seeing as I have both of these as pretty huge portfolio pieces, what is the best route for college? I've seen studio heads say that they could care less about what college degrees applicants have, as long as they can show that they know what they're doing. My job of choice would probably be a senior level designer, but I would guess the chances of being hired to a senior position seem pretty slim.

I'm thinking about getting a more general degree, maybe something like Computer Science, so I don't back myself into a corner in case I can't find a game industry job straight out of college. Is this a good idea?