As far as Pokémon trainers go, Ash isn’t that potent. As far as little kids go, he is superhuman.

The ten-year-old isn’t only strong for a little boy, he’d be strong for a grown man. As Kotaku previously pointed out, this is because Ash is insanely strong. To recap:

Ash picks up Pignite, who weighs 55.5 kilograms (122 pounds), and doesn’t even strain himself.

Ash carries Larvitar, who weighs 72 kilograms (158 pounds), easy as pie.

[Image: moa151 | Oha Suta]

Recently, Japanese children’s show Oha Suta wondered if Ash had Herculean strength and pointed out more examples of why the character “might be superhuman.” Might? This kid is.

[Image: moa151 | Oha Suta]

Not only can he carry Hippopotas, who weighs 49.5 kilograms (109 pounds), in his arms...

[Image: moa151 | Oha Suta]

He can carry this Pokémon on his friggin’ head.

[Image: moa151 | Oha Suta]

He can bust up an iron cage just by ramming up against it.

[Image: moa151 | Oha Suta]

He can block Pokémon attacks with his body.

[Image: moa151 | Oha Suta]

The world record for the high jump is 2.45 meters (8.5 feet).

[Image: moa151 | Oha Suta]

By the show’s estimate, here we see Ash jumping over five meters (16.4 feet)!

[Image: the random in my head]

Suddenly, this figure makes perfect sense.

Top image: Pokemon Matome

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