In action game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron​, hero Enoch and guardian angel Lucifel don some heavenly denim. You can buy those same jeans — well, you could before the internet went bananas.

Jean maker Edwin, perhaps best known in the West as the Japanese jean company Brad Pitt endorses, teamed up with the game for a pair of special jeans: the 503 Zero Double Knee Shoe Cut and the 503 Zero Painter Skinny, each priced at ¥13,650 (US$165), not outrageous for Japan. Enoch wears the Double Knee Shoe Cut, while Lucifel is decked out in the Painter Skinny.


Available in 28 to 34 inch, these limited edition jeans went on sale on December 21 and sold right out soon after. Apparently, just three minutes after going live on the brand's online shop, the 28-inch sized Painter Skinny sold out.

The jeans are now circulating on internet auction sites fetching high prices — as much as over $500 for the 28-inch Painter Skinny. It's believed that this size is being snapped up by the game's female fans.

EDWIN DENIM GALAXY原宿にルシフェルが来店?|EDWIN × El Shaddai [Edwin via Searchina via オレ的ゲーム情報]

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