As you may have noticed, we’ve launched a new series called Kotaku Asks, in which we bring interesting people to come take your burning questions. We’ve already got a great lineup of guests slated for April, but we want your feedback: who would you like to see us invite for the future? Famous game developers? Speedrunners? Anonymous developers? GameStop managers? Post any and all suggestions in the comments below—and if you think you’d make a good fit, e-mail me.

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One of the “suits”. A very common thread in a lot of comments sections on Kotaku is assumptions made about the “business side” of decisions that are not readily understood by the average gamer. There are business quotes and articles, but the steep majority of content is about the craft of development or consumer perspective (necessarily so, on a site made to entertain/inform the consumer in large part), and some enlightenment by the Dollar Side may help us understand the whole picture better—just as learning more inside knowledge about game development has increased our awareness thereof.