As Last Bastions Of Humanity Go, This One's Pretty Nice

The humans in Guild Wars 2 might be on their last legs, but it's one of the most impressive, sprawling, well-defended pairs of last legs I've ever seen.

Humanity week continues at ArenaNet today with a video tour of the territory the humans have managed to hold on to in the 250 years between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Once the race were spread throughout all of Tyria, with kingdoms in Orr, Kryta, and Ascalon. Now Ascalon has fallen, Orr fell into the sea and then returned as a city of the undead ruled by a dragon.

That leaves Kryta, and they've prettied it up nicely, building the massive city of Divinity's Reach on top of ancient Krtyan tombs rumored to be filled with lost treasures.

It isn't much, but humanity calls it home.

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divinity's reach? hmm... i wonder what happened to Lion's Arch. And what about Cantha? Well, i'll find out enventually.