The call to action is the battle cry of the marketeers, a modest collection of words crafted to grab the potential customer's attention and send them charging their credit cards for whatever is being sold. I'm not sure if Butterscotch Shenanigans knows me or just stumbled upon this accidentally, but I will buy anything marketed with the phrase "Shoot Animals Out of Your Face." Anything.

Including Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny, now available for iOS and Android. It's an action adventure game in which your character, a suave Indian man and pug owner named Hardik, finds himself caught up in a battle between the gods. Somehow his monocle becomes imbued with the power to shoot animals out of it.


You aren't just shooting animals out of your face—you're shooting some 40 different animals out of your face, collecting items, fighting bosses, traipsing through endless procedurally-generated levels and pausing now and again to play with your pug, because pugs need attention. There's a challenging four to eight hour campaign here, and it's only $.99.

None of that extra stuff even matters though, because "Shoot Animals Out of Your Face."

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