Artists Explore NES History Through Animated GIFs

Back to Bits, artist Greg Gunn

More than 40 artists from around the world come together for Back to Bits, a curated art project exploring video game history via a series of gorgeous animated GIFs. You’ll probably want to save them all.


In the first installment of the ongoing series, artists capture the essence of NES classics from the ‘80s and ‘90s in 43 different images. Games range from the obvious choices like Super Mario Bros. 2 . . .

Back to Bits, artist Mike Horowitz

. . . to arcade classics like Joust and Gauntlet.

Back to Bits, artist Jerry Liu

“Back to Bits was channeled by the nostalgic desire to go ‘back to the bit era’ when games were measured in bits, NES 8-bit and SNES 16-bit,” said Jerry Liu, creator and curator, Back to Bits via press release. “The project serves as a lighthearted creative outlet to bring like-minded artists together to share work, celebrate their love for these games and inspire the next generation of gamers.”

Back to Bits, artist Jay Quercia

Check out the video below for a peek at the other GIFs created for the project, or just hit up the Back to Bits website and start filling the internet with these beauties.

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