Artificial Intelligence Is Creating New Art From The Work Of A Deceased Manga Great [Update]

Screenshot: Kioxia
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One of Japan’s greatest, if not the greatest, manga creators is having his work tapped into with the power of AI. Osamu Tezuka died in 1989, but next year, artificial intelligence will create new art based on Tezuka’s work.

Update Oct. 1 - 3:10 am: The name of the company has been updated.

Tezuka is known for influential works like Astro Boy, Princess Knight, and Kimba the White Lion.

Screenshot: Kioxia

Toshiba Memory has been rebranded and launched a new project called Tezuka 2020 that uses high-speed, large-capacity memory and artificial intelligence to create new Tezuka art based on immense digitalized volumes of work the artist produced during his lifetime.

The project is supported by Tezuka Productions.

Clarification: The headline of this post was altered slightly for clarity, and the language regarding the use of AI was changed to reflect the fact that new art was being created based on Tezuka’s work.

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