Concept art for a never published Playstation 3 robot game for concept art studio Leading Light.

Titan was, it appears, a game set to be in development by now defunct studio Stormfront. The Playstation 3 game appeared to be about a giant robot in space.

According to notes found in some of the art, it looks like the Titan Robot has different "physiques". The Atlas physique is described as "heroic yet squat and powerful". The Kong physique is an "ape-like design" with a "powerful upper body for mining work, short legs for low center of gravity, has the air of a useful pet." The Demon physique is a "distorted organic design, perhaps suggestive of alien influence."

Other images show off creatures found in the game's universe, like a Selenite worm, a cluster of crystals that can sprout a prehensile protrusion and attack people. The Electric Amathyst rolls around on crystal arms and attacks with electric sparks. The Rock Roller is a ball of spikes that can change shapes.

As we mentioned earlier, the site also has images from two dead-in-the-water Lionhead games.


Lionhead's Survivors looks to be about the people who survive some sort of catastrophic meteor shower or comet.


Justice, another set of concept art for Lionhead, features lots of images of someone shooting it out with futuristic police. My money is on a futuristic take on Prison Break or The Fugitive.

The fact that these images are all available for perusal and the ones for Killzone 2 aren't yet leads me to believe that these are all projects that will never be created. But they're still fun to check out.


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