Art Book For Alice: Madness Returns Publishes In May

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A book of the collected artwork from Alice: Madness Returns will be published by Darkhorse Publishing. That's news to fans of the 2000 cult classic; what's news to all of us is the book's May 11 release date.


It may give a closer timeframe for the release of the sequel for American McGee's Alice; at present, all that's official is: 2011. That doesn't mean they will release simultaneously; maybe book precedes the game's release by months, in which case Alice fans will have to bide their time gazing upon the 184 pages of the hardcover collectible.

The game's official site says it will retail for $34.99, with an Amazon preorder price of $23.09.


American McGee himself writes the introduction and the artwork will give a lot of insight into the creation of the look and feel of Alice: Madness Returns. The image above is from the book.

The Art of Alice: Madness Returns [American McGee]

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I'll buy two. One for myself, and one to send to Tim Burton to show him what he should have done.